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Scavenger Hunt's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Scavenger Hunt

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[30 Jun 2002|06:29pm]

Ok, nothing has been going on here for a while and I have no idea whose "turn" it is so I am just going to throw this out there. It should be pretty easy considering it contains no one obscure or anything. I want a picture and a reason why you think that picture of the person of correct!! GO!!!

"Not quite red says that she doesn't want to be like this person."
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[20 May 2002|08:21pm]

[ mood | amused ]

A picture of Cyndil, the little girl from the ewoks movie :)

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[20 May 2002|06:54pm]

This is either going to be really really easy, or really really hard.

The new item to find is....

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[20 May 2002|06:39pm]

Ok guys, I'm totally NOT going to be a scavenger hunt nazi here, I just want to make sure all the new people know how this works. Also, please don't feel offended if I deleted one of your posts, I was just doing a little spring cleaning because it was getting kind of cluttered and I myself was having a hard time telling one scavenger hunt from another.

You may not start a new hunt unless you WIN the previous hunt.

If you win the clue hunt (i.e. here's 3 clues, post what you think it is) then you get to start a new clue hunt.

If you win an item hunt (i.e. Find a pink hellicopter) then you start a new item hunt.

Don't forget to post your guesses to a hunt as a reply and not as a new post on the board.

CURRENT HUNTS: (just so everyone is on the same page)

cangelo won the last "Clue Hunt" which was posted by agenais, so everyone start looking for answers to cangelo's clues!!!!

I won the last "Item Hunt" which was posted by agenais, so I will post the new item hunt ASAP!
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ok... so i come back in a week and i expect answers... [20 May 2002|03:34am]

[ mood | devious ]

Three Clues to this mystery person -

* Latino
* in "OZ"
* An Empress

I want a name and a pic!

(btw - poochthedawg and sonikdeth are forbidden to post an answer as they are my roomates and know this already! *lol*)

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[19 May 2002|09:13pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok since i won the last scavenger hunt im gonna reserve the right to post a new Hunt when i get back to town Next week. I wont have internet access while away.... and id hate to start a hunt and not oversee it while it was goin on :)


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My 3 clues to the object you have to guess are as follows: [16 May 2002|05:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

  • (1) It is mainly brown.
  • (2) It has a label.
  • (3) It is produced in South Africa.
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    sorry about the broken link [16 May 2002|07:22pm]

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    Don't Forget! [16 May 2002|03:44pm]


    Don't Forget!!!

    Please post your guesses to a hunt as a reply to that post! Otherwise the journal gets cluttered and it becomes hard to see who is guessing to which hunt. Also, many people use the e-mail reply, so if you don't post it as a reply they might not see your guess.

    That's all!
    Happy Hunting!
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    [16 May 2002|11:12am]

    Alright people, since I found a real pink helicopter (I can't believe someone actually painted their old helicopter pink!), now I want you all to go out and find an object that has these 4 characteristics in one. It can't be a picture with 4 different things in it, it has to be one thing with all these characteristics!

  • (1) something old
  • (2) something new
  • (3) something borrowed
  • (4) something blue

    And you have to prove to me that it actually has these characteristics (because some of them are kind of interpretive), so get creative, and good luck!!!
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    New Game [14 May 2002|06:33pm]

    Please continue looking for whatever object is waiting to be found, I'm going to start a 2nd round that is played a little differently.

    I'm going to think of an object and give 3 clues.
    You're going to find images of the object and post them.
    Whoever's image is closest to what I was thinking of, wins!
    Then they get to think of one, and post 3 clues, and so on!

    Here's my object!

    1. colorful
    2. wet on the inside
    3. hard on the outside

    That sounds kinky but it really isn't! LOL

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    New rule and New game [14 May 2002|06:32pm]

    Well it's not really a rule, you don't have to do this.

    If it's your turn and you've chosen an item to be hunted for, when it is found, if it's different than the item you had in mind but still meets the specifications you described, please post the picture that YOU had. If the person finds the same image you were describing, then mention so.

    I think it will be cool to see how many people find the same image, or how different the image that the hunter finds is.

    ALSO, I got a cool idea from another scavenger hunt community that has since been shut down. I will explain and start a round soon. That way we will have 2 different scavenger hunts going at any given time.
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    [14 May 2002|06:20pm]

    Would it be ok for me to post a picture request here?
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    Here we go [14 May 2002|05:05pm]

    Ok I'm probably gonna get yelled at for this, but I can't wait....my item to find..

    Nicole Kidman in a bubble Bath
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    [14 May 2002|10:50am]

    Ooo fun! I have a great item! I hope I get to post..just wanted to say hi and im new :-D
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    [13 May 2002|10:24pm]

    Hi I'm new, and here's my find for the last hunt...
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    [13 May 2002|07:34pm]

    Next item to find:

    A man or woman, with the words "love" "hate" carved into their body...
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    [13 May 2002|06:54pm]

    does this count for pumpkin guts?
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    The First Hunt [13 May 2002|06:49pm]

    [ mood | amused ]

    The first person to find this item and make a reply containing a DIRECT LINK gets to pick the next item to hunt for!

    The item is.........*drumroll*...

    Pumpkins guts!!!

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    [13 May 2002|06:40pm]

    [ mood | hopeful ]

    Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt Community!

    I'm Amy, and I run this community. I created this community because I wanted to play net scavenger hunt this evening, but realized it wouldn't work well within a list of replies in my own journal. Thus, the scavenger hunt community was born.

    Please introduce yourself and let the games begin!

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