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scavenger_hunt's Journal

Scavenger Hunt
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This is an open community and anyone may join. When you join, please feel free to post an introduction entry if you wish to. Please read the rules below before posting to the community.

One person starts the hunt. They post an "item" that the others in the community must find. The first person to find that item and place a direct link in a reply to the post gets to pick the next item that will be searched for.


There will only be one hunt at a time unless otherwise specified.

If it is your turn, YOU must be able to find the item before you ask others to.

You cannot MAKE an image to solve a hunt.

The person who asked the image to be found may determine wether or not a submitted reply meets the specifications.

*After your image has been found, post the image you were describing if different. If it is the same image as the one found, please note so.

*Not required